Download the new Dota 2 Hacks

Dota 2 Hacks for 2014 – With Upgraded Map Hack   We are happy to share with you the new private Dota 2 Hacks for free. This hacks were developed by “Team-Chaos” and all credits goes to them. This  amazing software was previously sold on some russian forums for 250$ but we are giving it [...]

Mobas and E-Sports

Mobas are starting to dominate E-Sports worldwide with massive prizes and bi sums of money for the tournament winners In Germany, the Mobas also provide records at the tournaments. End of June an E-sports event in a stadium with the ESL one in Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena first held. 20,000 spectators came on two days and also [...]

The Dota 2 International is Over

In the E-sports tournament “The International”, the winner got $5 million. Video player stages fill in Germany. Breakthrough or passing fad? They call themselves xiao8, Hao, Mu, banana and Sansheng and since Monday they are millionaires. The five young men from China are professional dota 2 player and the winner of the tournament the international, [...]

Dota 2 Cheats

Dota 2 Cheats for Custom games This is a list comprised of all cheat codes available in Dota 2 when playing on a custom game. For some working dota 2 hacks please check this link.   lvlbots # - Bots gain # levels killwards - All wards are destroyed disablecreepspawn - No lane creep spawning dumpbots - AI status [...]

Dota 2 International Prize Money Reaches a new record

Dota 2: The international prize money has reached $5.5 million. Just barely a week after the $ 4 million mark has been cracked, there is only a stretch goal until it reaches the current limit on the revenue of the dota 2 compendium. What does this mean for compendium owner and what does this mean [...]

New Announcer Pack Revealed

Dota 2 – announcer-Pack about The Stanley Parable «available» Kevan Brighting is the voice of the commentator in a new announcer Pack for dota 2. The British – or better his voice – might be known to some of the players from the indie title The Stanley Parable. So-called announcer packs have a long tradition [...]

Dota 2 Guide

Beginner’s Guide for playing Dota 2 Dota 2 is a phenomenon! So erfolgreicht is the title, entering the world of MOBA is so tricky. Our guide can help. One is anticipated: dota with over 100 different Heroes 2 is a very extensive game and everything else than easy. Who is not willing to invest a [...]

Dota 2 Game modes

Game modes, guilds and matchmaking The game modes, however, valve limits partly drastically the hero selection. In the mode”limited heroes «about random figures provided by a total of 102 heroes only a handful of selection, that will be pumped on top. Experienced players again go» all random as random hero in the battle. For teams [...]

Dota 2 Review

Dota 2 Game Complete Game Review In our first test to dota 2, we have criticised in particular the steep learning curve and the missing Einsteigerhilfen. With the official Servertstart valve has now pushed a comprehensive tutorial. Highest railway for an inspection visit. Almost four million players shows us the counter on the official dota [...]

Dota 2 Beta Ends

Valve has finished the beta of the MOBA game DotA 2. The beta of DotA 2 is to End . In the official website of logo emblazoned big “the beta is over!” But who thinks to be able to just download and start playing, the game is wrong. Valve has a new philosophy, regarding the [...]

First blood-update announced

 Valve has announced a major update with the title first blood for the MOBA-game DotA 2. A new update was introduced for DotA 2.The update will introduce tomorrow the play captain’s draft, where you must determine a captain and then 24 randomly selected Heroes gets offered, of which each team must remove alternately two heroes. [...]

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